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After the houses of Pisco and “do Poço”, we are pleased with our return to Águeda for a new housing project. The preliminary study that is now irevealed will be the third work in the neighboring municipality of Aveiro. The House Marco Ribeiro, in Trofa, located on a plot of gaveto, draw up a dialogue with the built landscape: the proposal preserves the significant oak stain existing fundamental to our deployment option.

On two floors, the program responds to the way of living of the family. The house social living is facing the interior of the plot on the ground floor, looking to south, no denying, however, a strong visual relationship with the street, at north. This point of contact with the outside of the ground, takes place by tearing a large horizontal openning which exploits the level difference between the street and the interior of the terrain.

Upstairs, the rooms enjoy the protection of the stain tree, planted at the western end of the parcel. The flate roof, though not visitable but visible will be cover with a vegetable mantle. (+ information)