It opened to the public this Saturday the “Museu Caffé” at Dragon Stadium. Our most recent work, of interior architecture, integrates the Museum Futebol Clube do Porto by BMG which was opened last September 28.

The space of “Museu Caffé” is contained in a roughly rectangular plan, which explores the very peculiar geometry of the Estádio do Dragão. Located at the corner of the access to the Museum, by its position, the space is very bright in the early hours of the day, and is traversed by sunlight in the morning of the winter solstice. The relationship with the public space is achieved not only by the transparency of large glazing, but also by the deployment of a esplanade that extends it to the exterior, while calls to pause and entering. The stronger design gesture - a large bar / bank that accompanies the gentle curve of the facade - answers the need for articulation of levels between the outside and inside. The bar purposely turns its back to the facade and draws a bench seat, at opposite side, whose strategic lighting placement seems to make it hover.The continuity of the deck material from the esplanade to the interior accentuates this idea of extension. The central space is marked by a double height ceiling which concentrate the tables. On the opposite side of the facade, and adjacent to this area, new continuity, but this time with the access to the Museum and the installation of Joana Vasconcelos, the Valkyrie Dragon.


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